Outsourced marketing and creative agency support for small and mid-sized businesses.

My Friend’s Nephew is an Atlanta-based advertising agency that specializes in helping regional growth-oriented brands and nonprofits unlock their true potential. Because even if you’re not McDonald’s, every brand has a secret sauce. We’ll partner with you to fine-tune its ingredients and turn them into something that tastes delicious and connects with consumers on an emotional level. And while we have backgrounds and experience working onbig, national brands, we get our kicks helping brands grow, no matter what size.

Through a combination of relentless consumer research, laser-focused strategy and creative assets that make you say, “Wow!” we help grow small businesses into mid-size businesses and mid-size businesses into big-size businesses. Our philosophy is simple: Understand the consumer. Craft the story. Measure the impact. Demand results.


Business Consulting,Branding, Competitive Research, ConsumerResearch, Marketing Roadmap.


Campaigns, Content Development,Social Media, Media Planning & Buying.


Logos & Visual Identity, Collateral,Website Point of Purchase, Experiential & Events.

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