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The headlines featured in two new campaigns for Thrive Senior Living use biting humor to encapsulate what it means for seniors and caregivers to address new living conditions.

‘You Can Do Better’ speaks directly to older adults looking to move into an independent living home with lines like “You are his third wife. Tip the inheritance in your favor”; and “They built you a mother-in-law suite. Too bad it comes with a son-in-law.”

‘Playing Favorites’ is targeted to adult children who are primary caretakers, and plays up having close relationships with your elders with blunt statements like “Thrive won’t hurt your chances at getting the Tiffany lamp you and your sister both want”; and “There’s a very good chance she could leave it all to the dog. We’ll give you a leg up.”

The work, created by Atlanta-based agency of record My Friend’s Nephew (MFN), represents Thrive’s first-ever brand campaign with the goal of cutting through industry clutter and ultimately growing the business while impacting cultural mindsets around senior living.

In an industry that rarely uses humor, the campaign aims to set the brand apart in an authentic, down-to-earth way. At the same time, it quickly transitions messaging to be more empathetic and serious to show that Thrive sees and treats its residents as more precious than heirlooms – with purpose in every breath. The ads end with the tagline: “Come to live here.”

Josh Robinson, executive creative director/principal at MFN said: “The senior living category is highly competitive, and we found that the language, messaging and tone are very similar across brands, making it challenging for consumers to differentiate between brands and their benefits. In addition, Thrive is seeking to disrupt the industry through its people-centric model and proactive culture of serving residents – so we wanted to communicate this distinction in its first brand campaign.”

Campaign elements include print, outdoor and Pandora radio.

“Our target audience tends to be skeptical about whether there is any place that will care for their parent or loved one with the level of love and responsibility that they personally feel,” said Les Strech, president of Thrive. “We needed a campaign that would communicate how Thrive Senior Living approaches things differently. We see caring for your loved one as a calling and we make it our mission to learn every detail about them and love them as their own family.”


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