Our partnership with Red Bull has allowed us to fully utilize our activation and promotion chops by promoting events, activating fan bases and creating truly interactive experiences.

When tasked with introducing a new Red Bull flavor, we created our “Wheels of Summer” campaign by partnering with a local ice cream company and tricking out an old-school Ford Econoline van. This retro mobile sampling experience allowed consumers to experience Red Bull in a summery, new way. (Red Bull ice cream? Yes, please!) We reached over 40,000 consumers and handed out 4,000 new flavor samples.

To extend the concept, we ditched the van and wentwith tricycles because, well, why not? This launched the new flavor in more markets with more people with more mouths asking for more ice cream.

For an even wilder Red Bull experience, we staged “Mini Moto” events at college campuses across the country. Students could experience the thrill of Red Bull by getting hopped up on Red Bull before racing each other on 50cc kids’ dirt bikes. Sure beats a frat party. And, yes, they had to sign a waiver.

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